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KB9INF0090 Getting Guy Wires ready
KB9INF0091 Tower #1 set in place in the background
KB9INF0092 40 Meter beam number 1
KB9INF0093 More Tower 1
KB9INF0094 Tower 2 coming along
KB9INF0095 Both military towers are set in place ready to extend
KB9INF0096 Working on 40M Beam #1 KB9INF0097 Where does this go?
KB9INF0098 The Antenna field KB9INF0099 Putting together the GOTA antenna
KB9INF0100 More GOTA KB9INF0101 Even more GOTA
KB9INF0105 Wally starting dinner KB9INF0107 Boy those steaks look good KB9INF0109 The main course KB9INF0110 More dinner pictures KB9INF0111 And more KB9INF0112 And more KB9INF0113 And More KB9INF0114 Last one.. Can you tell we enjoyed the dinner? KB9INF0116 Sunset Friday night KB9INF0117 More sunset
KB9INF0118 Getting ready to setup the 3 HF stations KB9INF0119 Where does this plug in?
KB9INF0121 Scott KB9VRW setting a guy for the VHF tower (not the one he's standing on). KB9INF0122 Mark N9UM setting another guy KB9INF0123 The VHF tower is up KB9INF0124 Almost up KB9INF0125 Wouldn't you like to have a toy like this KB9INF0126 VHF tower assembly KB9INF0127 Got to get those sections to mate KB9INF0128 Wally ties down the VHF tower
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